Some "fun"ny things...

We have had a first recently. Even though all the kids have been to a wedding (most when they were only a few months old), they got to go and see a wedding and understand it this time. We got to celebrate with Alicia and Pete as they got married in March. The couple looked beautiful and we had fun enjoying the day with them.
Peter and Alicia
The couple was arriving in a horse drawn carriage so the kids had fun watching for them.
Pictures courtesy of Jackson
Taken by Lizzie
Here are some funny quotes I have been recording :).
  • We sponsor a girl in Haiti and as we were preparing to write her letters we must have been talking about a babysitter and Hannah said, "The girl in Haiti can babysit us because she is 12!"
  • Lizzie had a weekend where 2 of her friends were over one right after the other and I heard Lizzie say, "Sorry Alyssa, she's my other friend."
  • Jackson had a friend over to play and dinner and in the midst of conversation his friend said "Oh My G_ _ and Jackson said, "You said a bad word!"
  • Hannah likes to say, "That is horrible!"
  • Hannah told me, "Can you please tell Lizzie to relax!!!"
  • Jackson asked me if Uncle Tony (Alicia's dad) is nocturnal because he works at night.



I love winter, the snow, the cold, snuggling, everything, even shoveling. So I was disappointed to hear this winter would have below normal snow fall and pleasantly surprised to have several snow days and lots of snow around for several weeks. I do have to admit I loved the 70 degree day last week, but I am also glad it is only February and more snow is in the forecast for the next few weeks.

We have had a fun time playing and sledding in the snow the past month. We also built a snowman and igloo which was used as a fort to eat m & m's in that day.
Ice Storm caused our power to be out for 4 hours.
M&M's igloo
Lizzie and her friend Bella sledding at Bella's house.
Kelly, ahhhhhh!
Joe and Lizzie also go to enjoy a night of daddy daughter fun at the "Daddy Daughter Dance" on Friday. I had left the camera at church so I will have to get the pictures from Joe's phone.

Some cute quotes:
Hannah told me that 4 year olds don't take naps so she only has to take them for a little bit longer.
Lizzie asked me to buy her deodorant because her arm pits stink and then proceeded to ask everyone to smell her underarm with her new deodorant.
Jackson was chosen to be a bully buster for his class at school which meant he got a cool shirt and performed in a little skit with the Ghostbusters theme music for bully busters. So the other night he wore his shirt for PJs, and then proceeded to hold Hannah against the corner because he was mad at her. I gently reminded him he had his bully buster shirt on and yet he was being a bully. Ahhh, kids!


Long Time...

Oh my!! I have not posted since September, wow!!

Well, we have been having a blast here! September was wonderful with school starting and I am enjoying my quiet afternoons with my "baby" wow!! It is so fun having just her with me while we do errands and go to city campus (anything to avoid a nap of course). I love when we drop Jackson off for afternoon kindergarten and suggest we go food shopping and she says that is great or "you've got it mom" as long as I don't mention the nap!! Jackson loves school and is doing well with his work. Lizzie is in 2nd grade and her BFF is still Alyssa. She is doing well and learning the difficult rule of slowing down while doing school work.
At the end of September, we made our way on the 18 hour trip, straight thru, to Disney!! It was a blast and the kids loved it. I really was prepared for the worst, a meltdown to beat all meltdowns, a fit in the car, something, but it never happened. It was a peaceful ride through the night and we arrived in good shape. It was a wonderful trip and we all had a good time meeting all of the characters and having fun as a family!
Halloween Party
Pirate, Buzz Lightyear
Hannah's Favorite Character
Jackson had a crush I think.
Notice who is the happiest!!
Dad :)
November and December flew by with Holidays and trips to NJ. Joe and I had fun celebrating our 11 year Anniversary! I love that the kids always refer to us getting married in different situations like: Hannah says, "Mom, did daddy get you those earrings when you got marry?" and "Daddy had hair when you got married, ha, ha!" It makes me smile for them to think about our life before them.

December was full of holiday parties at school, our daily nativity story from the ornament we got from Grandmom, rearranging the nativity scene every day before nap (again procrastinating before the nap), and a snow storm while in NJ Christmas Weekend.
Joe got a huge surprise, an iPad!!
We started 2011 with some sickness. Hannah was hit the hardest and seemed she had some ailment every other week. She always had some energy though. I am glad to have the kids back on schedule and then this week we had a delay that turned into a day off and who knows what the next few weeks hold with back to back snow expected. But I do love the SNOW!!

So...I will TRY TRY TRY to post more regularly in the future!! One of the many goals set before me.